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100% privately owned and operated since 1988

  • We have been supplying equipment for film and television for many years. From smaller pieces of specialist effects equipment up to large scale dimming systems reaching up into the thousands of channels.
  • To meet the needs of our clients in recent years we have invested in some more studio specific lighting equipment and we now often supply gear for season length runs of different productions.
  • We also own a considerable amount of outdoor location lighting for televised special events. Below is a selection of some of our equipment that is more geared towards the Film and Television markets but always available for hire enquiries.

TV / Film Lighting

HMI- We stock Arri HMI Fresnels in 575w,1200w and 6000w. We also have 2500w and 4000w Arri HMI Pars in stock. All of our Arri equipment is maintained in excellent condition. Recent additions to our HMI inventory include Filmgear 2.5k and 4k HMI fresnels.
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Studio Fresnels- From 300w up to and including the Arri T5 5000w fresnel. We carry the Arri 2k Fresnel in a studio and fullsize version. We also stock a fine selection of stands, clamps, magic arms etc for our studio fixtures.
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Sungun's, Floods, Ellipsoids- We have a number of open face tungsten Redhead kits and Blondie's in stock. We also carry Arri new remote Sungun kits in both Tungsten and HMI. Added to this we can provide the classic Scoop light in 500w and 1000w versions.
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Soft lights and not so soft lights- At Chameleon we have a good selection of studio softlights in excellent condition. We have 1k and 5k Studio softlights, 6k Spacelights and for something slightly off topic, a large number of Maxi-Brute 12 light units.
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Fluorescents:- Not forgetting these,we stock a good selection of Filmgear 4 bank dimmable kits in 2' and 4' lengths with a full range of lamps for each. We also carry the Arri studio cool fixtures in 2 x 4 bank design.
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All of Chameleon's electrical equipment is tested and tagged regularly in compliance with national standard AS/NZS 3760.

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