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  • As Chameleon has grown so to has our rigging stock to accommodate our needs. We have a vast selection of trussing and chain motors, plenty of safety equipment, linked motor control systems, and programmable variable speed motor control systems.
  • We carry a comprehensive stock of slings, steels kits, pipes, T bars, ladders, frames, chain blocks, ratchets, scaff clamps and so much more.
  • We have an inhouse metal shop that is able to manufacture custom pods, spot chairs, soft ladders, truss dolly's, pods, lamp dolly's and set pieces. Our metal workers are kept very busy with custom manufacturing orders from our clients and for our tours.
  • Below is an overview of our rigging stock. For more information about particular products please check the links page on this site or send us an email with any questions you may have.....

Rigging / Hoist control

Trussing- From 300 series Alloy try truss all the way up to 30" Box truss mother grids we have quite a variety of truss products. Truss circles from 2m radius up to 10m radius in various sizes of box and tri truss. We have a considerable amount of Prerig truss, both for Par Cans and MLX. Add to this km's worth of general purpose box truss in both silver and the other silver, black. We have a vast selection of corners in varying degree's, cubes, T pieces, base, end and top plates, hinged and universal joins.
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Rigging Components/ Safety Equipment- When you have a lot of truss and motors, you need a lot of the bits to make it float. Our rigging stock is large and varied. We take pride in not cutting corners, particularly when safety is a paramount concern and we stock the right components to make certain we always have the right product for the job at hand. We supply comprehensive and relevant climbing safety kits on all of our jobs and our rigging packages are designed to cater for the needs of their environment. All trim heights catered for.
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Hoists and Hoist control- We've come a long way since we purchased our first 8 chain motors. We now carry a few hundred hoists ranging from 250Kg up to 2ton in GIS, CM, Liftket and Coffing brands. Our basic motor control systems range from single 8 way controllers to fully linked 48 way systems always prepped and configured appropriately to the needs of your job. We also carry a range of motion control systems. From Kinesys smart 8 controllers for basic manual or DMX cued programmed moves, through Skjonberg relay control systems up to our Elevation 1+ control systems running Kinesys Vector and K2 software.
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General and Specialised Rigging- From the smallest job to the largest project we have the appropriate lifting or specialised rigging equipment necessary. Chain blocks and lifters, clamps, pins, adaptors, plates in every shape and size and an in-house metal work shop with over 25 years experience in creating the specialist bits and pieces to suit our requirements. We often design new products in-house to make our touring operation more efficient and these items inevitably find their way into our general hire stock.
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All of Chameleon's electrical equipment is tested and tagged regularly in compliance with national standard AS/NZS 3760.

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