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  • Please find below some basic details on some of our more popular LED Wash units. While there is a great variety of fixtures they all have their own best features and therefore, uses.
  • We can happily go through these features with you and help you select the best of our product range for your job.
  • Check back often as we shall continue to add data sheets for specific products that will give you a clearer indication of their use and purposes including some different images of the products in action.
  • In the meantime for a product comparison on all of our featured LED product please click the link on the LED page and download the LED products feature comparison table.

LED Wash Fixtures

Martin Stagebar

Stacks Image 546

5.5Kgs- 420 x 190 x 105mm.
Optional frost filter
54 x Single RGBAW LED's.
3 - 36 DMX Channels.

Chroma Q Colour Block 2

Stacks Image 281

1.3Kgs- 250 x 117 x 62mm.
Compact and effective
12 x Multicolour RGBA LED's.
Multiple control configurations

Chroma Q Colour Block

Stacks Image 548

1.4Kgs- 250 x 117 x 62mm.
Compact and effective
12 x Single RGB LED's.
3 - 12 DMX Channels.

iPix Satellite

Stacks Image 547

3.2Kgs- 100 x 218 x 159mm.
Smooth dimming
18 x 2.5w single RGB's.
3 or 5 DMX Channels.


Stacks Image 175

13Kgs- 900 x 650 x 62mm
Beams from 10º > 180º. 100º Std.
12 x 15w Tricolour clusters
3 or 5 DMX Channels.

LED Outdoor Flood

Stacks Image 168

16Kgs- 560 x 420 x 340mm.
IP 65 Rated. 45º Optics
15 x 5w RGB LED Clusters.
5 DMX Channels.

Pulsar Chromabank

Stacks Image 549

11.2Kgs- 1295 x 230 x 212mm
960 x 5mm HP Single RGB LED's
4 different DMX modes + Video mode
Optional diffuser covers

Colorblaze 72

Stacks Image 550

27.2Kgs- 1746 x 191 x 165mm
144 x HP 3w Single RGB LED's
3-36 DMX Channels
Extremely bright and robust

LED Fusion

Stacks Image 551

16Kgs- 1008 x 104 x 152mm
20 x 3w Tricolour RGB LED's
4 x DMX modes.2, 15, 30 or 60 Ch's.
A great compact striplight

Honeycomb 36

Stacks Image 552

4Kgs- 381 x 178 110mm.
36 x HP 1w Single RGB LED's
3 or 7 DMX channels
A great cost effective product


Stacks Image 553

13.5 Kgs- 425 x 375 x 229mm
49 x Single RGBAW 4.5w LED's
8 built in Wireless DMX Channels
A simply awesome outdoor LED Wash

Honeycomb 72

Stacks Image 554

7Kgs- 681 x 178 110mm
36 x HP 1w Single RGB LED's
6 or 13 DMX channels
A great cost effective product

MAC 301

Stacks Image 555

8.9Kgs- 380 x 320 x 200mm
108 x HP Luxeon Rebel RGB LED's
4 x DMX Modes. 12, 15, 16 and 19 Ch's.
Many useful features.

MAC 101

Stacks Image 2469

Weight 3.7 Kgs- 241mm x 241mm x 304mm
DMX Ch’s- 8 or 12- LED
RGB- Strobe- Colour Effects
13.5º. An awesome fast small light

MAC Aura

Stacks Image 2475

Weight 5.6 Kgs- 302mm x 302mm x 360mm
DMX Ch’s- 19 or 25- LED
RGB- CTC- Colour Wheel- Strobe
Zoom- Dual lens Colour Effects

GLP Impression Zoom

Stacks Image 224

Weight 8 Kgs- 340mm x 145mm x 370mm
DMX Ch’s- 11, 14 or 15- LED
RGB- Colour Wheel- Strobe
Zoom- Colour Effects


Stacks Image 238

1.5 Kgs- 4 or 7 DMX Channels
20 x 3W RGB LED
Macro's - Strobe - Master Dimmer
The perfect modern day truss toner.

GLP Impression 90

Stacks Image 250

7.5Kgs- 340 x 145 x 370mm
120 x HP Luxeon Rebel RGB LED's
3 x DMX Modes. 10, 13 and 14 Ch's.
A highly versatile product.

All of Chameleon's electrical equipment is tested and tagged regularly in compliance with national standard AS/NZS 3760.

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