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  • With a history starting in pub rock, rich in theatre and spanning over 20 years of corporate events we have been asked to supply some very specific effects over the years.
  • The large scale special events on our roster have also required some large scale solutions. From bathing the Sydney Opera House in rich colour to providing equipment for opening world class sporting extravaganza's we have a considerable number of big kids toys in our inventory.
  • Following is a brief outline of some of the special effects and outdoor lighting equipment we stock. If you have an idea in mind that you require a solution for please contact us so we can find a solution for your specific needs.
  • For further information on the products mentioned below please click on the relevant manufacturers logo on the links page of our site.

Effects / Outdoor Lighting

Colour- For large scale outdoor lighting applications we have large numbers of Studio Due City Colours in both 1800w and 2500w incarnations as well as a fine selection of Arena Vision Floodlights with Gel boxes. To indoors and our touring and theatrical departments carry Wybron scrollers in both CXI and Coloram II's for profiles, Pars, and blinders of all shapes and sizes.
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Atmospherics- We all need fog. How would you like yours ? Low, high, thin, thick, gentle, violent, slow, fast, cascading, tumbling ? Perhaps just hanging around. Our range of atmospherics have been selected often through necessity to cater for almost all of our clients needs. Down to handheld battery operated micro foggers and up to arena size Glaciators for low and heavy fog. We may even have a couple of snow machines kicking around.
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Searchlights- Whats an extravaganza with out them. We have them in many shapes and sizes. Moving head, moving reflector, CMY, RGB and good old 4k Xenon. Our range of searchlight products includes Griven Imperial and Kolorjets, Syncrolite's, Novalight HG's, Studio Due Dominators and Highend Showguns. We have recently purchased a large quantity of CM 7001 searchlights which have full CMY colour mixing, electronic strobe and dimming, spot to flood beam control with a 6.6k Xenon globe and an IP65 outdoor rating.
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And so much more- Chameleon has always been known first and foremost as a specialist lighting company. We have always had the products that no-one else has. This is evidenced when one attempts to catalogue our effects department. If you want 120 Atomic strobes with scrollers, we have them. 200 BC fittings on 2m white drops, we have them. Jarags, Cloud Wheels, UV Floods, Electronic kabuki systems, truss borders, drapes, RGB DMX Laser's, Giant egg shaped or 7' round Mirrorballs we have them. Please contact us if there is any particular look or effect that you are seeking, we may just have them.
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All of Chameleon's electrical equipment is tested and tagged regularly in compliance with national standard AS/NZS 3760.

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