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Australia's #1 Specialist lighting Company
100% privately owned and operated since 1988

  • With a strong background in theatrical lighting, 80's pub rock and roll and specialist corporate events spanning over 20 years we have amassed quite the collection of conventional lighting fixtures.....
  • With a vast selection of theatrical profiles, fresnels, battens, PC's in just about every size, angle and length imaginable we should have something in stock that may be of use to you.
  • Our Par can range extends across all lamp types , voltages, bar sizes and colours, including the Source 4 and Multipar ranges. This selection is complimented by a considerable selections of blinders, strip lights, floodlights, even Fagpods.
  • We have tried to provide a bit of an insight into our comprehensive range of generic lighting fixtures for you below.

Conventional Lighting

Par Can's- Hundred's of 'em. From Par 36 pinspots up to Par 64 ACL's and everything in between. Our bars can be configured as 2, 4 and 6 way. We have a selection of double hung Pre rig 30" truss full of 6 way bars. We also carry double lock-off's, stubby pars and some other funky stuff. In addition to standard Par's we also have a large stock of Source 4 Parnels and Multipars. We even have them in Red !!
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Profile's- Our selection of profiles begins with small 650w fixed angle units right through to high end 1000w zoom fixtures. We have vast stocks of brands from Selecon, ETC, Altman and more in fixed beam angles from 5º through 50º and zoom angles of all sizes.
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Battens & Cyc lights- We have an extensive range of cyclorama, battens and strip lights for all applications. From Altman and L&E zipstrips to Par 56 battens. From Coda 4 500w cyc lights up to Quartzcolour Orion 1k and Iris 4 units.
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Fresnels- A big space can need a lot of light, and over the years we have lit a number of very large spaces, as well as some very small one's. In order to do this we have a fine selection of Tungsten fresnels and PC's. With considerable numbers from each of the Selecon, Strand, De Sisti, Quartzcolour and Altman ranges, and in sizes from 500w up to 5000w we have a few Fresnels....
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Blinders- Our range of blinders is extensive. as well as the classic molefay duet and 8 light we also have in stock 4 lights, 4 and 8 light strips, Fagpods and 9 lights. These units can be configured with both Par 36 ACL or DWE globes. We also have a massive selection of Q.I's ranging from 500w up to 2400w.
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Followspots- From pub shows up to Stadiums we have many well maintained followspots in our stock. From Lycian Clubspots, and Starklites in medium and short throw up to the Robert Juliat Range including Heloise, Aramis, Cyrano and more. We have a wide selection of spots for both top and bottom truss mount, dmx controllable ballasts and theatrical or stadium shows alike.
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All of Chameleon's electrical equipment is tested and tagged regularly in compliance with national standard AS/NZS 3760.

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