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  • When flexibility is key. The wide ranging scale of events that our production department deals with every day demands a comprehensive range of power and data distribution solutions, and that is exactly what we have in stock to cope with these demands.
  • Over the years we have supplied large scale power distribution, dimming and control systems for many large feature films, Olympic sized special events, corporate juggernauts, Stadium Spectaculars and Theatrical bonanza's.
  • While on our day to day roster we are facilitating concert tours, special events, launches, parades, commercials, television, theatre shows, and much more.
  • In order to make this work for us we have built up stock of highly capable, easily configurable power and data solutions to suit the needs of any size job with considerable ease.
  • All of our systems are customised and configured for each job that we service to ensure that you get exactly what you need, where and when you need it.
  • Whether you are after 12 or 1200 channels of dimmable power, Mains Distribution for 40 or 4000 Amps of power, or real time control over 1 universe or 256 of them, we have the products, the solutions and the experience available on hand to help.
    Please find below a brief overview of some of the products we use and feel free to contact us to discuss your distribution requirements.

Dimming, Data, Distribution

Mains Power Distribution- Our mains distribution systems range from 32 Amps up to 400 Amps per phase per feed. We run both 12 pole Wieland and 19 Pole Socapex connectors for our general power and dimming distribution. As well as a large selection of Power Distribution systems, we also carry a large stock of various adaptors for different international plugs. Our inhouse technical dept. manufacture custom work to our requirements.
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Dimmers and General Power Distribution - We take great pride in our touring racks at Chameleon. We believe we have a very tidy, user friendly system. All of our Dimming and GPO distribution racks are configured and customised appropriately for each job. Your racks will arrive built, patched tested and working.
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Data Distribution - We understand your need for information transfer. We have a comprehensive selection of data solutions for all entertainment applications. From simple DMX distribution and splitting, to large scale pixel mapping and artnet systems. We also carry Fibre optic systems for large scale event data distribution.
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All of Chameleon's electrical equipment is tested and tagged regularly in compliance with national standard AS/NZS 3760.

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