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  • On this page you'll find information on whats been happening at Chameleon. We'll keep you up to date on the latest products we have purchased and what excites us for the future in the industry.
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We've recently taken delivery of a large quantity of CM7001 searchlights. You may have seen them in action on the FIFA world cup in South Africa. An awesome fixture outputting 340,000 lumens and loaded with features.

With full colour mixing, a variable beam shaper, electronic dimming and strobe capabilities look out for them on an outdoor spectacular near you.

Or give us a call if you're planning your own
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Did you know that our SGM Palco 5 outdoor LED Wash fixture has Wireless DMX onboard as standard ?

With a wireless range of up to 500m and an IP55 rating it is an incredibly useful piece of kit when looking to light architectural and other outdoor spaces
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First test driven on the Australia Day celebrations in Sydney our Pro Shop Air Domes are the perfect solution for beating the weather when it comes to lighting your outdoor event.

An internal fan keeps the plastic cover inflated and away from the fixture. Power and Data are already plumbed through the base of the Air Dome so there is no fussing around with cables.

A pressure sensor is included so that should the Air Dome lose pressure it cuts off the power to the fixture to ensure no damage can come to the fixture or the Air Dome.

Only one power and data feed is necessary to control both the internal fixture and dome, and separate switching is included for resetting fixtures.

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