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Please use the links below to further research our Hire inventory or to check out some of our industry partners and allies. Click on the company icon to be redirected to the relevant website.


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Australian manufacturers of excellent dimming and distribution systems. The people behind consoles such as Hog 1k and Vista.
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The Grand MA and Grand MA 2 range of consoles, network signal processors, media servers and more. Excellent visualisation software.
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The Mac family of moving lights, Maxxyz and now M1 consoles, Maxedia media servers, LC Led Panels, strobes, effects, visualiser's and more.
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Vari-lite, famous for their history making moving light range, still ever growing and expanding their technology base. As well as the home of their clever discontinued console, The Virtuoso.
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Clay Paky are back ! Our first ever moving lights were all Clay Paky products and we are proud to say that we have added some of their amazing new fixture range to our inventory
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Highend are a Texas company that began with great moving lights for rock and have expanded to awesome Media Servers, inspired new large scale fixtures, the Showgun and Showpix. Also the home of the Hog III family of consoles.
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The Legacy started here. Information and libraries for the Hog II family as well as all of the resources you need for the new Hog III, iPC and Road Hog range of consoles.
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The Avolite family of consoles. Lots of colourful buttons. They're British....
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Studio Due, an Italian company, gave us the City Colour and the Dominator, and continued with awesome products like the CS-4
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The french company that designed and produced the brilliant Jarag effects light.
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For Theatre lighting controls and brilliant theatrical luminaire's since he beginning of time.
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Pioneers in the field of LED products. We stock their Chromabanks, Spheres ,cubes, hearts and tiles in many sizes.
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Gerriets are a German company specialising in theatrical effect's products. They build a fine electronic solenoid Kabuki system that we stock and use often.
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Griven are makers of large scale searchlights and floodlights. We own the Imperial and the Kolourjet searchlight.
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Chameleon has great stock of the I-Pix Satellite, the BB4 Washlight and the BB7 Beam/Washlight. Incredibly punchy LED product
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Great fog solutions from a solid German company. Unique Hazers, viper foggers, great product.
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The Arkaos Media Servers are some of the most user intuitive on the planet. Their show range of software is simply excellent. We use both Arkaos VJ and Media Master on our productions.
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Where it all first came together for Lighting Designers and Video content. No longer a Highend product
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Outboard are a UK company that as well as Audio products make a fine Motor Controller in their LV range. All of our concert tours have racks of Outboard Motor Control
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Kinesys is a new industry standard in programmable hoist control solutions. We use both Smart 8 standalone and Vector Software with Elevation boxes on our tours.
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Show Technology. An Australian Company that chooses and imports the finest lighting and entertainment production products from around the world, and then teaches us how to use them.

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